Materializing Parametric Complexities

Paramateria is offering an advanced parametric design course in the fascinating fields of digital manufacturing, robotics and product development that qualifies you for the growing parametric design job market.

It is intended for tech-driven young professionals keen on pursuing exciting careers in leading-edge industries like robotic fabrication, product design, fashion, architecture and automotive.

The participants will actively create innovative, customized and sustainable products from start to finish, acquire an array of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge, and learn to solve real-world manufacturing challenges.

During the course participants will gain experience in operating within highly equipped industrial facilities as well as enjoy a productive campus atmosphere at the university of HNEE.

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Be part of the parametric workflow!

  • Variety of Materials

    Experience the fabrication process with various materials and get familiar with their manufacturing properties.
  • Interdisciplinary

    Team up with participants and tutors from different disciplines and learn common terminologies for a successful cooperation.
  • Hands-on

    Work in a hands-on environment and learn about industrial processes.

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