Paramateria is a training center for parametric design and advanced fabrication methods located in Berlin and Eberswalde, Germany.

At Paramateria, we teach architects, designers, engineers, programmers and other specialists how to work with parametric tools. We are a collaborative initiative of Ligas, a Berlin-based carpentry company, and the Eberswalde University of Sustainable Development.

We believe in a sustainable future in which parametric design serves as a working method of industrial manufacturers to develop and mass-customize unique, yet profitable, products while minimizing their ecological footprint. Such products are designed to optimally meet the customer’s particular requirements and will therefore be used for many years to come. Our mission is to guide the process of turning passive consumers into empowered creators.

We seek to prepare course participants for their career goals by affording them an understanding of the wide range of available manufacturing options, and by enabling them to estimate the complexity and cost of various projects.

The Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE)

was originally founded in 1830 as a forestry college and has existed in its present form since 1992. Its study programs and curricula are consistently geared towards sustainable development and environmental conservation, making it Germany’s leading ‘green’ institution of higher learning.
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is a Berlin-based carpentry company specialized in manufacturing architectural woodwork for private and commercial customers. LIGAS designs and fabricates its own products in the fields of interiors and furniture with parametric design. LIGAS and HNEE have been cooperating on different research projects in the field of parametric design for several years now.
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